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Moving Forward with Purpose

100 Women Who Care Ottawa has been thriving but the need is great so we are levelling up! Renewed energy for giving, gratitude and growth.

As many of you know, in early April I attended the 100+ Who Care Alliance Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. I had the opportunity to learn and share “best practices” from break-out sessions and spending time with other women from around the USA and Canada who are growing their Chapters and share our same vision.

Another Chapter eloquently summed up what stuck with them from this conference and it indeed really sums up how I felt leaving this conference and coming back to Ottawa. As I returned home, gearing up for two months of work to help renew our Chapter, preparing for a launch of a new logo, new website, more online and social media presence as well as recruiting and on-boarding a new Executive Committee, I reminded myself of our original Intention six years ago when we began 100 Women Who Care Ottawa.

 “Of all the topics we explored, the idea of intention has stuck with me the most.”

The concept around leading with intention and having a clear “why?” is paramount to the future of 100 Women Who Care Ottawa. Our intention has always been to help local charities through the collaborative efforts of a strong community of philanthropic women. 

Our May Stakeholder Engagement Session which allowed our Members to share their vision for 100 Women Who Care Ottawa has made this intention stronger and more defined than ever before. Our intention includes:

  • Continuously attracting new members so our Chapter is stronger and can help local charities

  • Creating a memorable giving experience that inspires and motivates our members at every meeting to do more and be more

  • Supporting women and cheering each other on by creating an inclusive environment that encourages women to grow and learn from and beside one another

  • Advocating for local charities not just every quarter, but all year long. To be a resource local charities can rely on for exposure and support when they need it most

  • Developing meaningful relationships with each other as well as our Ottawa community to promote awareness of our intent to help local charities serve our community.

As a member of this organization you will see many changes as we learn and grow as a Chapter. We want YOU to be a part of those changes. We were thrilled to have 18 members join us in May as we conducted our Stakeholder Engagement Session. During the session, we were energized and impressed with the suggestions provided and the engagement of women that value 100 Women Who Care Ottawa and the impact we have had on the Ottawa community. We know that as we edge closer to 100+ WOMEN strong, we have tremendous talent and strength in our members.

Moving forward we want to leverage our most important asset which is YOU! This is a collaborative effort and your voice matters! Reach out to us in person or via social media with your thoughts and ideas. Together we truly are better in every way possible!

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