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Meaningful Membership

Making Change Together

Membership is for any woman who desires to directly support local charities in Ottawa.

It is simple and easy to be a member . . . just one hour of your time,

four times year, making a $100 donation online, following each each event.


At each event, you will learn more about three charities and collectively we will financially support our community to the tune of $10,000! Members may also nominate their favourite charity for consideration at the next meeting!

Your Commitment

When you sign up to be a member, you are agreeing to attend four events, making a $100 donation to the charity of your choice at each event. That's a total of $400 annually that you are committing to help local Ottawa charities. You will be provided with a tax receipt directly from the charities we support. 


We are thrilled to have each member attend but we understand life happens. If you cannot be with us, please arrange to make your donation online so we can meet our goal of donating $10,000 at each meeting. 


TOP 10 Reasons to Join!

  1. Give back in a simple way, just one hour and $100, four times a year to make a big impact.

  2. Support your local community, your friends and neighbours accessing charitable services.

  3. Be confident about your donation - 100% to the charity without attending a big fundraiser.

  4. Have fun - you are spending time with smart, bold, beautiful women committed to a cause.

  5. Nominate your favourite charities, ones that have a personal meaning for you or that you admire.

  6. Learn about what is happening in our community through the charity presentations.

  7. Multiply charitable giving of time and money by 100.

  8. Enjoy a unique and bonding experience with your friends and colleagues.

  9. Step into your own power by giving, growing and sharing gratitude.

  10. Bask in the rewards of community service. Feel good about doing good. Go on! You deserve it!

Next Steps

  1. JOIN by completing this membership registration form. Print, sign and send to us at

  2. MARK your calendar with the dates of the upcoming events.

  3. INVITE your friends to join us!

  4. FOLLOW us on social media for updates. Like, comment and share to promote our mission.

  5. ATTEND the events, be inspired and have fun!

  6. DONATE online directly to the charity of your choice.

  7. NOMINATE a charity/charities that speaks to your heart; this option is open only to our members in good standing. Members may complete a Charitable Organization Nomination Form and bring to the event or submit it via email


Meeting Agenda

  1. NETWORK and socialize with like minded women and make new connections.

  2. LEARN more about local charities through five-minute presentations from three organizations.

  3. DONATE conveniently to your selected charity/charities online.

  4. NOMINATE a charity for consideration at next event. This is optional and only open to members.

We welcome guests to attend a meeting and see if membership in 100 Women Who Care Ottawa is for them.

We encourage the donations of guests during our events. Our Membership has its privileges . . . our members are able to nominate a charity of their choice for potential selection and presentation at our next event!

Be part of the fun! Become a Member!

"Philanthropic women who meet quarterly, contribute locally

and connect to benefit local Ottawa charities" 

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