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Words of Gratitude

The donations you have provided, have made such an impact on our community. We are grateful for your kindness!

Friendship Circle of Ottawa 


"We were recently chosen to speak at the 100 Women Who Care event on September 9 in Ottawa. It was an amazing opportunity, and we thank the incredible women who attended for their generous support of Friendship Circle. With your help, we will be able to offer the families and volunteers in our program fun events to strengthen bonds, training workshops and expand our circle of friendship for children with special needs! We had no idea how fortunate we would be, and aside from the monetary donations, it was a wonderful feeling to be in the same room as 100 women who wanted to create meaningful inclusion opportunities in the community by giving to such worthy charities. What an amazing event to be a part of! Thank you again for this amazing honour."

Breast Cancer
Action Ottawa

"Breast Cancer Action Ottawa serves those living with a breast cancer action diagnosis in the Ottawa area. Once you receive the diagnosis and you meet with your surgeon, they give you a book mark detailing BCAO’s support programs and phone number. It’s Executive Director, M.L. Doyle speaks to receiving calls from the newly diagnosed, from their practitioner’s parking lots, when driving home, from their closets, just about anywhere. They ask: “What do I do? What about my kids? What about my life? Lastly, what about my hair? BCAO is the first line of response after them receiving that dreaded diagnosis. BCAO offers a gifted post-surgical camisole, Peer Support, Lymphedema Support and Metastatic Cancer support. Its Health and Wellness program is not just a fitness program it’s a social network that provides a safe haven to rebuild and strengthen. One member states: ‘It’s where I can pull out my prosthetic and pull my wig off and focus on my recovery and those around me in class.” One Hundred Women Who Care has made it possible for BCAO to continue its Health and Wellness Program well into 2020. You have made an IMPACT! BCAO thanks you for that IMPACT! Check out our website at: We are hosting our annual gala on November 23rd, buys some tickets and come out and meet the people whose lives you have made better with your donation. Come and feel the IMPACT that you’ve made. Much thanks from the membership and the Board of Directors."

Operation Come Home


"We would like to thank you for your generous donation in support of Operation Come Home. Your thoughtfulness and support of our youth are appreciated.We work with street involved youth from the Ottawa community and across Canada. Operation Come Home provides these youth with school, work and housing opportunities, along with resources and crisis and emergency services. We also continue to assist youth to return home to their families. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on donations from supporters in the public. We thank you for supporting Operation Come Home and our work in the community."

Autism Ontario - Ottawa


I am forever grateful for the experience of speaking at 100 Women Who Care Ottawa. Not only was the room filled with wonderful folks looking to donate but so many had words of encouragement for each organization. It was humbling being able to talk about how we as a group try and make  the lives of others a bit easier to an organization like 100 Women Who Care Ottawa. Women who affect so many lives positively. Autism Ontario, Ottawa is looking forward to providing some families with family photos in a sensory friendly, low stress environment. 

Youth Service


"YSB remains so grateful to the 100 Women Who Care Ottawa for their recent generous support of our 24/7 Crisis Line.YSB’s Crisis Line – available at any time day or night to youth and their families – provides immediate, free, and accessible mental health support when young people are in crisis. With the support of 100 Women Who Care, this lifeline is available for young people and their families as a first step in getting the help they need to overcome the obstacles they are facing."

Ottawa Network for Education


"Thank you for your generous donations in support of our School Breakfast Program. There is a direct correlation between the health and well-being of children and youth, and their ability to learn and succeed in school. Health and safety guide our priorities and each year there is a need to replace fridges, dishwashers, stoves and other small appliances. These are easily accessible items for most of us at home, and in a school they have the invaluable power to fuel hungry stomachs and minds. With your donation, we were able to update equipment in time for the 2019/2020 school year, which allows us to continue feeding more than 13,500 students in 191 schools by offering breakfast, healthy snacks and emergency lunches as needed. This adds up to over 2.5 million meals per year!"

Bereaved Families of Ontario

"Bereaved Families-Ottawa Region, is very thankful to 100 Women Who Care for being chosen as one of the 3 charity presenters at your last event. And we are very grateful to all of the wonderful women who donated to our charity. 

We are a small volunteer led charity with $0 government funding. Not even $1 of our office salary or rent is funded. Your donations help us to literally keep the lights on to be able to provide over 200 bereavement support groups to the Ottawa community this year. 

The philanthropy from your members helped make it possible to provide a Family Grief Art Therapy group in Spring 2019 to 10 families where the children's parent or sibling died. The children use art to express their grief. They make friends with the other bereaved children in the group which is important because they, quite often, do not talk about their grief with any of their own friends or at school.

Thank you for your generosity. It helped us more than you'll ever know."

Jane Davey, Program Director

Ronald McDonald House


“Thank you for supporting Ronald McDonald House Charities Ottawa. Your generous donations were put to use at both our House and in our Family Room program. Five nights of family loodging at Ronald McDonald House was covered, allowing families to focus on their child and not worry about how to pay for their stay. Your gift also allowed us to stock our 2 Family Rooms located in CHEO with supplies for hospital families to use.”

Social Network for Youth


"I would like to first say thank you for having us, and donating a very generous amount to Social Network for Youth. The funds were given in hopes of traveling out of town for a summer trip for our members. 

The generous donations have helped with our transportation cost, and subsidize the cost of our day activities. These include a tour of the kingston Pen. , the hockey hall of fame, and a lunch.

Without the kind donations from the 100 women who care, this trip to kingston would have been difficult to execute. On behalf of the Social Network for Youth, we thank you and appreciate your help."

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