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Intention Set. Goal Achieved.

On June 3, 2019, in just one hour, together we raised over $12,000 for local Ottawa charities.

Executive committee members and local charities, ONFE and PIPR celebrate a night of giving and learning.

Year 6 started with a bang as local women gathered together to support their friends and neighbours by giving to 3 local charities to the tune of $12,150 with donations continuing to come in. Over 95 women, many first timers, were warmly welcomed and enjoyed an hour networking and visiting with friends. The air was filled with positive energy and excitement for what we were about to achieve.

The meeting began with many new announcements from our chapter Chair, Juliann Castell, including our new brand, website, executive committee and intention. She shared highlights from a recent visit to the 100 Who Care Alliance and our May Stakeholder Engagement.


Special thanks to volunteers, businesses and supporters . . .

  • Kimberly Wilson at our networking corner and student volunteers, Jackson and Kate at registration

  • Alex Davis and Marco Escalante from the Heart & Crown for their warm hospitality and exceptional service

  • Dyanne Wilson, our photographer extradonaire

  • Barb Steele and Jenn Campbell for their long time support as members and volunteers

  • Deirdre Freiheit, President of Shepherd's of Good Hope and recipient of our very first giving event in 2014!

Our attendees paid rapt attention to presentations by our local charities . . .

  • Breast Cancer Action, presented by: Marie-Louise Doyle (survivor and Board Member) and nominated by: Wendy Loschiuk

  • Ottawa Network for Education - Breakfast Program, presented by ONFE President and CEO, Heather Norris and nominated by: Barb Steele

  • The Ottawa Hospital - Partners Investing in Parkinson Research (PIPR), presented by: Roberta Driscoll (Co-Chair of PIPR), Shelby Hayter (PIPR member and patient) and Dr. Julianna Tomlinson (Parkinson Researcher)

Many thanks to our door prize doners; Margaret Dickenson, Brenda Reisch & Children at Risk, Linda McCallum and Kathie Donovan.



We welcome new members. The more we share the mission of 100 Women, the more we can raise awareness and funds, the more impact we create.

Please follow us on social media and share widely with your networks. Look for impact statements from our charities in the coming months.

Save the Date! Our next meeting is September 9, 2019 at an exciting new venue, Milestones at Lansdowne Park. You can register online to let us know you will be there!

If would like to add to the fun of the night with a door prize donation - we would be very grateful. Let us know at

Finally, we thank each and every person involved in making this giving circle a success. Together, we can change the world.

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